Olive Oil bubbles

Olive Oil bubbles

Olive Oil bubbles

Extra virgin olive oil capsules. Made with fresh olive oil, the result is an oil with a strong aroma and flavour that makes this product ideal for accompanying salads and fresh summer dishes.


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Its an explosion of flavour that reflects the intensity and the aroma of high-quality oils with a denomination of origin. This is achieved using encapsulation technology to obtain a texture sphere equal to that of caviar. Pearls break in the mouth, allowing diners to enjoy a delicate portion of pure oil before mixing with the other ingredients of the dish.

A new way of presenting and using oil; therefore it can be used anywhere that raw oil could be used.

It works well with all kinds of cold and hot dishes. Its membrane resists temperatures up to 60°C, meaning it can also be used in hot creams and soups.

We do not recommend cooking with it, as exposure to hot surfaces can break the membrane lining the pearl.