Salad Dressings + Varied Olive Oil Pack

Salad Dressings + Varied Olive Oil Pack

Salad Dressings + Varied Olive Oil Pack

Pack with 3 Botelles of 500ml and 2 Gourmet Dressings:

One bottle of Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
        Limited Edition of the best Olive Oil, green colour, fruity taste with a taste of fresh olives, grass and tomato.

Two bottles of Special Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
        Pure olives juice directly from the field to your salad.

  • Two Salad Dressings of:
  •        Gin & Tonic
  •         Fruits of the Forest
  •         Each bottle contains 250 ml of an incredible taste

If you want to surprise with a different and original flavour, this is your dressing. The Gin & Tonic dressing offers multiple combinations for the bold.

It breaks with tradition!

Try it with salads, baked fish or to make light sauces.

If you want to bring the scent of the forest to your home and give a different flavour and touch of colour to your dishes, the Fruits of the Forest dressing is without a doubt a good choice.

Ideal for salads, duck breast and meat in general. Perfect combination with tomato and feta cheese; with strawberries and radishes; with and beets, orange or yoghurt.

  • Colour your dishes!


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