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Valdecanales Estate

In this part of the website we would like to introduce you one of our family’s estates, “Valdecanales”, located in Úbeda, Jaén. This land has been fully committed to the crop of picual olives and to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great quality, since 1675.

Valdecanales is between the cities of Rus and Úbeda, and the main access is through the Andalusian A301 road and the intersection with the JV-6041.

Due to the land’s special characteristics, this estate is very rich in nature, fauna and flora, and because of its cultural component, it is recognized as a national heritage.

Taking into account the characteristics of its plantation, most of the plantation uses the irrigation method. This type of automate drop irrigation is only used during the driest months of the year, following the current regulation of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry of Spain.

The estate is mainly composed of a plantation for the crops of the picual olives. We could highlight, amongst others, its reddish land color, and by the mount that protects it. This makes it owner of very special and particular characteristic, which benefits the development of the olives production and as a result of this, the great flavour of the oils.

Pago de los Centenarios

Most of the olive trees in the land are ancient olive trees of the picual variety. It is the principal kind of olives that are cropped in Spain and particularly in Andalusia.

This specific olive tree is a tree with green leaves on its beam, and white leaves on its back. The leaves are perennial, although they change every 2 to 3 years. Its bark is thick and of grey crust. One of its essences is the flora, and once the olive grows, and as a result of these special features, we obtain this delicatessen oil.

The land and earth of the estate play a very important role in the production of our olives. It is also common to find asparagus to grow nearby the bark, producing purple asparagus, especially during rainy seasons and with the first rays of sun and the beginning of the warm temperatures.

As to the mechanization and optimization processes of our oil production, we have the most advanced machinery in its field, which allows us to reduce to a minimum, the damage that the tree can suffer when collecting the olives.

You can also find in Valdecanales, a Visigoth oratory rock dated in the VI-VII century. It is the only Visigoth temple to be known in Andalusia.

As in every estate that is dedicated to agriculture, we use the natural resources that are given to us by the climatology, the conditions of the land, and other environmental factors. However, we have optimized some of these factors for a better use of these natural resources and to reduce the impact on the environment, in accordance to the current European regulations.

Regarding the natural resources, we can find two streams that run throughout the estate, a natural and vital source for the olive cultivation, and for the species that inhabit the land.

Pago de los Centenarios

Due to the disposition of some of the hills, and to the underground water that flows in specific areas of the estate, we can find two natural springs, which is naturally filtered.

The water that derives from the springs is rich in minerals, which are dissolved into the water during the passage of the water through underground channels.

Valdecanales is also close by to a reservoir called “Giribaile”. Because of its size, it provides humidity to the area, which is very dry. 

This reservoir, because of its dimensions, allows the practice of different sports, such as fishing, where most amateurs can find species such as carps and barbels.

The reservoir is also used to supply and provide water to towns nearby, for the irrigation of the cultivations, (regulated within established limits) and to generate renewable energy. It is also used for sailing and swimming.

Pago de los Centenarios

Last but not least, we must mention that Valdecanales has a great variety of fauna and flora. We can find boars, foxes, badgers and rabbits, and a great variety of ornithological species, such as partridges, turtledoves and thrushes.

Valdecanales It is also a private hunting area, in which we maintain an extensive supervision of the species and hunting activities, according to law published by the Ministry of Environment, which regulates hunting quotas and dates.

                     Pago de los CentenariosPago de los CentenariosPago de los Centenarios

If we stop and take a moment to analyse the flora in the land, we will find Poplars, Chaparrals and Coniferous, and a great variety of aromatic plants such as Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender.

Valdecanales is responsible to maintain and manage the natural resources and the fauna and flora, free of any danger the land may encounter. We strictly follow the guidelines of a plan to prevent forest fires, in accordance to the European rules. We have extensive firewalls, to prevent any fire extending and which also allows an easier access for the fire department.

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