The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Early Harvest of the variety Arbequina comes from selected olives and harvested at the beginning of October, is characterized by a lighter taste (mild) than the Picual variety. It is the type of oil that is consumed fresh and freshly made, so that it preserves the fruit flavors intact.

Also talking about health, it should be noted that Early Harvest oils retain additional polyphenols that are particles of high antioxidant activity so it is very important to include them in our diet.

In addition, keeping them in dark bottles to protect the direct light and keeping them at a suitable temperature keeps intact all their natural properties, vitamins and polyphenols.

We encourage you to try an oil that besides being very healthy, you will love it!

Extra Virgin Early Harvest - Arbequina

Pago de los Centenarios Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina

Pago de los Centenarios is pleased to present the best Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced directly from the juice of selected olives.

It is an oil of green color and fruity flavor with nuances of ripe banana peel, artichoke, fig, ripe apple and walnut.

For the production of this oil the best olives of the plantation have been chosen in order to produce an oil of the best quality and flavor of the market.This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced in a careful way, exclusively processed by mechanical procedures , And within a period of less than 12 hours from the collection of the olive, which means that we are facing a high quality oil.

We hope you enjoy it.

Characteristics of the bottle: We present it in bottles of 500ml glass in dark color to protect the oil from the direct light and thus keep intact all its properties.

These are numbered bottles because it is a limited edition.