Pago de los Centenarios, production and sale of extra virgin olive oil


Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe State

Another of our family estates, is the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe estate, in (Jaén). Like Valdecanales, it is an estate dedicated to the cultivation and production of excellent Picual Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Guadalupe is just a few kilometres away from Valdecanales, between the cities of Rus and Úbeda, and the access to the estate is also through the autonomic Andalusian road A301 and the intersection with the JV-6041 road.

The origin of the estates name is because of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, just a few minutes away. She is also the patron of Úbeda who has always been considered to care for and protect the men who work the land. She was also named "Señora de las Aguas" (Lady of the waters), such an important natural resource for plantation and cultivation in this area.

Santuario de Guadalupe

Taking into account the characteristics of its plantation, most of the plantation uses the irrigation method. This type of automate drop irrigation is only used during the driest months of the year, following the current regulation of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry of Spain.

The estate is mainly composed of a plantation for the crop of the single trunk olive tree picual olives.

We can highlight, amongst others, its clayey land, which maintains humidity, creating a very special and particular characteristic which benefits the development of the olives production and as a result of this, the great flavour of the oils.

 These Olive trees are young Olive trees of the picual variety, principal variety which is cultivated in Spain, and particularly in Andalusia.

This estate of single trunk olive trees produces excellent olives, because of the conditions of the ground. It is also a sustainable estate and cares for the environment. Single trunk plantations are more efficient, for both cultivation tasks during the year as for the collection of the olives. All these conditions are perfect for the use of machinery which adapts perfectly to these types of plantation and allows us to optimize and help conserve the environment. 

Pago de los Centenarios

Regarding the variety of this olive tree, as in the Valdecaneles estate, it’s a tree with green leaves on its beam, and white leaves on its back. The leaves are perennial, although they change every 2 to 3 years. The trunk of this tree is thinner because the tree is young and has a grey crust. It is also characterized because of its flower, from where the olive grows, and as a result of these special features, we obtain this delicatessen oil.

The land and earth of the estate play a very important role in the production of our olives, because of its clayish component, which creates a natural retention of water under the earth and allows the olive to maintain itself in good shape during the driest months of the year.

This also allows asparagus to grow nearby the bark, producing purple asparagus, especially during rainy seasons and with the first rays of sun and the beginning of the warm temperatures.

As to the mechanization and optimization processes of our oil production, we have the most advanced machinery in its field, which allows us to reduce to a minimum, the damage that the tree can suffer when collecting the olives. This also helps us to produce excellent Olive Oil, year after year. 

Regarding the natural resources of the estate, we can highlight the Guadalupe stream, which runs through the estate and which is a vital natural source for the cultivation of the olive and for the survival of the local species that populate the estate.

Aceite de Oliva Calidad Pago de los Centenarios