Pago de los Centenarios Production Process


In this section we would like to explain how we produce the best Olive Oil in the market, how the production process is, all the steps until our Extra Virgin Olive Oil arrives to your house.

Seleccion de los mejores olivosBest Olives Trees Selection for the harvest.

Every year we select the best olives trees to produce Pago de los Centenarios Olive Oil. This can vary depending on various factors, specially the last year harvest, the climate of the year and many other things that we have to consider.

Recoleccion de aceitunasOlives Harvest.

The first step to produce the Olive Oil is to harvest the olives from the Olives trees. We do this part of the process by mechanical means in order to minimize the damage to the tree.

Also, by doing it in this way, the olives arrives to the fabric in a very short period of time with matters in terms of Olive Oil quality. 


Transporte de aceitunasOlives Transport to the fabric.

As soon as the olives harvest is finished we take them to the fabric to produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The time that passes since we harvest the olives until the Olive Oil is produced is about 6 hours wich is real important to produce the best quality.


Molturado de aceitunasOlive Oil Extraction Process.

The Olive Oil production is only by mechanical means to assure that the great properties of the olives are maintained. The temperature is also under strict control in order to produce a pure olive oil juice.


Filtrado del aceiteFiltration process.

To finish the production process some Olives Oils like our Special Selection goes to a filtration process where all tiny particles of Olive pulp are removed.



Decantación del zumo de aceiteDecanting period.

After filtration and also in the case of the Unfiltered Olive Oil a decanting period is needed, so the olive oil stays for a few days and the minimun particles of Olive pulp that remais are removed. Then we have our liquid gold, puro olive oil healthy juice. 



Once the olive oil is produced is stored in stainless steel depossits with controlled temperature until it is bottlled.


Envasado del AOVEBottling and Packing.

After a few days, the Olive Oil is bottlled, packed and sent to the market. Allways in a glass dark bottle to protect this incredible product from the direct light and taking care of the temperature wich is high important to maintain its propierties.


Proceso de Producción Aceite de Olive Virgen Extra Pago de los Centenarios