In this part of the website we present you our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, both from Ubeda area, in Jaen region, the cradle of the highest quality Olive Oil world production.

In these Olive Oils you will find pure Olive´s juice from selected Picual olives directly from the producer to the consumer without large processes or distribution channels. We hope you enjoy it!

Centenary Gourmet – Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pago de los Centenarios Filtered extra virgin olive oil.

Pago de los Centenarios is proud to present a limited edition of this Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from selected Picual olives. This Olive Oil has a green color and an unbearable fruity and herbaceous aroma, that remembers to fresh olives, grass and tomato, it is also slightly bitter and with a hint of spiciness, main characteristics of the Picual Olive Oil that makes it of an exceptional quality.

For the production of this oil, the best olives of the plantation have been chosen to produce an olive oil of the best quality and flavour, hard to find in the market.

This extra virgin olive oil has been carefully produced, in an exclusive procedure, throughout mechanical processes, in less than 12 hours from the harvest of the olive.

We hope you enjoy it!

Product characteristics: It is presented in 500ml dark coloured bottle, to protect the olive oil from direct sunlight and maintains its properties untouched.

They are only a few of these bottles because it is a limited edition and is presented in an exclusive and personalized box.