Visitas guiadas Finca

Guided Visit to Pago de los Centenarios estate: Valdecanales


During the production season, Pago de los Centenarios offers guided visits so you can experience and understand in detail, how the oil is produced; this includes how we process and treat our olive trees, the fruit's harvest, the oil extraction and its packaging, amongst others.

From the olive tree to the table...

We will leave the city behind and venture into the estate grounds, where we will be able enjoy wild species in their natural habitat and enjoy the views and smells. This a visit meant for everyone, no matter what age, through the estate of Valdecanales, the Pago de los Centenarios extra virgin olive oil's home.

At Valdecanales

We well get to know the estate and will analyse all the components related to the Pago de los Centenarios olive oil production.

- History of the olive crop

- The estate’s history (Valdecanales and Guadalupe)

- The care of the olive trees during the year to obtain the oil at its best quality

- Visit to the Visigoth caves

- Visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe church

- Oil tasting

- La Almazara

La Almazara

We will visit La Almazara, where we will get an exclusive and detailed view and explanation on how the olive oil is produced. We will also get to see how the trucks containing the olives, tip them over into the hopping.

Meanwhile, we will also learn how at the end of the process, the olive is freshly squeezed.


At the end of the morning and as it couldn't be any other way, we will have lunch with the typical products of the area. Depending on the group's preference and size, the meal will consist in Andalusian "tapas" or a formal lunch in a local restaurant, where we will also enjoy local gastronomy.


We will finish the visit with a few recommendations about the Pago de los Centenarios extra virgin olive oil uses, plus some recommendations and site seeing of the town of Úbeda. If you wish, we can also organize a guided visit through the old part of town.

If you are interested in visiting our estate, please contact us using the contact formular that is under the contact menu.