Your Own Olive Tree (Filtered bottles)

Your Own Olive Tree (Filtered bottles)

Your Own Olive Tree (Filtered bottles)

In Pago de los Centenarios we want you to participate in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil you consume, live the experience of being a producer for as long as you want, keep informed of the state of your olive tree, the care and work done during the year, Fertilizers, pruning, legal and health regulations affecting your olive tree, biochemical analysis, tasting notes and much more.

In addition you will receive a certificate of sponsorship with the photograph of your olive tree, its location and identification number and a sample of the olive oil freshly produced, before being decanted.

Discover the satisfaction of enjoying the oil of your olive, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Picual that you will receive at your house at the end of the year, once the olive is harvested and the oil is produced, you decide how you want us to make the olive oil , Unfiltered, Early Harvest, Filtered, Season. What we will do will be to produce it of the best quality, by means of mechanical and cold procedures.

As for the amount of oil you must know that you will receive 24 bottles of half liter glass, perfectly finished and with a special design distributed in cases of 3 bottles.

The price includes everything described above and the payment method may be:

1.1.- Once making the request through the online store, clicking on the buy button.

2.2.- Paid month by month by bank receipt or credit card for the amount of 29.16 € / month for 12 months. To request this modality click here and indicate the details of your bank account or credit card.

• The forecast is that you receive your Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the week of December 18, 2017.

As we have to pay the expenses of your olive (cultivation, collection, production, packaging etc), if you register in this program in the middle of the year you can pay month by month, but we will have to charge the whole before sending you the Oil of your Olivo, so that on the December receipt we would charge the remaining part to € 349.95.

Finally you must know that you can go to the farm to visit your olive tree, the Visigoth caves, spend an unforgettable day with the family or friends and visit Úbeda and its bars!

* We will manage everything for you to spend an unforgettable weekend.

For more information and to see the schedule click here. (Please request this visit and we look for the best budget for our clients click here)

* This service will be billed separately. Not included in the product "Olive Oil".


349,95 €

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