5 Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Variety: Picual
Color: Green-Yellow
Aroma: Intense fruity, aromas of tomato plant, nuts, banana peel and ripe apple.
Pairing: Salads, Vegetables, Meat, Fish and Seafood.

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Characteristics: High content of oleic acid and polyphenols, responsible for reducing cholesterol and preventing tumor processes. Its high antioxidant content slows cell aging.

Production: Artisan, in our own farm, following the family tradition and under the supervision of the most advanced quality standards. 100% natural product, authentic olive JUICE, obtained only and exclusively by mechanical procedures - grinding, extraction and decanting-

Olives harvest: In the month of December. Collection of the olives and elaboration in 24 hours, in addition to an exhaustive control of the quality of the olives so that their ripeness is ideal.

Oil Extraction: By centrifugation. Cold extraction, temperature below 27ºC.